Monza: Kevin D'amico and TJEmme the protagonists in front of the movie camera.

The last act of Formula 2000 light will dispute this week end in Monza; yesterday the first free tests and the 3 pilots of TJEmme had the possibility to confront themself on the Brianza's fastest circuit .
Kevin D’Amico , Simone Patrinicola e Alexader Pugachev were slowed down from the weather's conditions,that only at the end of the turn has permitted to the tar to dry.
The 7th place of D'amico,the 9th of Patrinicola and the 14th of Pugachev,on the 24 pilots of the circuit, leave the hope of great results for the official tests of today and for the 2 competitions of tomorrow.
the brothers Jeropoli team and in particular D'Amico,are protagonist of an extra activity: in the pit-lane of the Monza autodromo has been realised a movie-set to do a film,a full-lenght film with a cultural and social aim with the title "Asfalto Rosso",
the history of teenager who meet an ex pilot of Formula 1 that bring the group on the circuit and teaches the value of the competition,of the rules and of the sport.
Maurizio Jeropoli:" it was a pleasant and of satisfation to be choosed for the film,our cars and our staff have been shoted in some sequence,activity that hasn't slow down the normal work on the track"

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